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Our Story

Traveling can be an exhausting experience. We know!

As avid travelers hailing from the south of France, we developed a deep affection for the charming town of l'Isle Sur La Sorgue and chose to establish our home in this magnificent region.

This house has been a labor of love. Having undergone a complete renovation, we aim to ensure that your holiday experience is truly unforgettable.

Situated just an 5 to 7-minute walk from the town center, with proximity to bakeries, pharmacies, and convenience stores, and a mere 15-minute stroll from le Partage des Eaux for a refreshing dip in the pleasantly cool Sorgue river (14 degrees Celsius all year round), you may find that you won't need your car at all!

Featuring impeccable accommodations, combining style, comfort, hospitality, and an attentive host, we guarantee you’ll have a pleasant experience complementing unforgettable holidays in our region.

From guest services to advice on the region, we seek to provide you with the attention you deserve.  Explore our site to see what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

And in case you're wondering why we named the house La Caelifera: during our first summer at the house, my twins discovered numerous grasshoppers in the tall grass of the backyard. They spent hours searching for them and playing with them. So, if you happen to spot a cricket around the house, there's no need to worry—this is their natural habitat! 😊

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